Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Isa...Print Prowl

'IT IS NOT COMMON,' was the theme I chose for my latest design project, this time focussing on Print.

Saatchi searching I found beautifully crafted sculptures by Ida Ekblad, ( )where she arranged discarded urban finds in fantastically charming compositions. Inspired.

From there I thought, 'what discarded items could I collect to accelerate this project', my train of thought lead me to stones, then deciding on a more impressive upgrade, gemstones.

In my research i came across another fantastic artist called Melanie Bonajo ( ) who strapped discarded urban items onto the naked female form, again brilliant compositions.

As part of my design development I collaged onto Bonajos photographs ...

From these collages came my final designs (three uploaded here), with collaged print ideas inspired from the intricate geometric nature of a gemstone melange  ...

Film: Inglorious Bastards. 
Collection: NOT Kanyes, Chanel or Giorgio Armani thats for sure, yukkie.
Food: French onion soup.

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