Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Isa...Vintage Drunk

Indeed. Right. The idea backing this project was to find a vintage item and let this choice decide the theme and design of the project. I rummaged my mums wardrobe and came out with a cape like dress, with dropped rounded shoulders, a ruffled velvet skirt and a high zipped neck ski thermal. 

From the silhouette formed by the three garments combined, I felt I should research into the Edwardian era, round 1905- 1912. What I produced, design wise, from my research is what you can see below, four items of my collection.

likey nike...

Food: Tapas from Lemonia, Primrose hill
Film: Melancholia
Club: Catch
New Book: The Shining

Monday, 12 March 2012


(collage par moi)

'He was an unreliable man. For our first date he showed up one year late. Therefore, when he left, to make sure he would come back, I insisted that he leave something with me as a hostage. A week later he sent me his most precious possession: a small french nineteenth- century painting, entitled The Love Letter, that portrays a young girl who bears an uncanny likeness to me. A year passed, and on January 18th, 1992, after having rented two rings an a witness, I became his bride in a simple ceremony held at a 24-hour drive-up wedding window on route 604 in Las Vegas. Later he gave me The Love Letter as a wedding gift. I had acquired a husband but in the process had lost my guarantee that he would always come back to me.'

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Isa...Kenzo Kenzonique

I feel like Kenzo hasn't really caught the eye of many people these past collections, this is a comeback which wowed me silly!

Check out the vibrant all-disco-flashing jungle themed video too:


Waa I want it all!

Food: Nutella on Toast
Collection: See above haha
Film : Lady and the Tramp..ye ol classic
Current Project Inspiration: 1905- 1912 Edwardian

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Isa...Print Prowl

'IT IS NOT COMMON,' was the theme I chose for my latest design project, this time focussing on Print.

Saatchi searching I found beautifully crafted sculptures by Ida Ekblad, ( http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/artists/ida_ekblad.htm?section_name=paint_artist )where she arranged discarded urban finds in fantastically charming compositions. Inspired.

From there I thought, 'what discarded items could I collect to accelerate this project', my train of thought lead me to stones, then deciding on a more impressive upgrade, gemstones.

In my research i came across another fantastic artist called Melanie Bonajo ( http://www.ppowgallery.com/selected_work.php?artist=8&image=2 ) who strapped discarded urban items onto the naked female form, again brilliant compositions.

As part of my design development I collaged onto Bonajos photographs ...

From these collages came my final designs (three uploaded here), with collaged print ideas inspired from the intricate geometric nature of a gemstone melange  ...

Film: Inglorious Bastards. 
Collection: NOT Kanyes, Chanel or Giorgio Armani thats for sure, yukkie.
Food: French onion soup.