Tuesday, 13 December 2011



My project focussed on stalkers, paparazzi, perversion and voyeurism. 'Empty Curtains' linking to a state of mind a stalker can develop... believing his/her victim tries to communicate their love for them through the twitching of their curtains, as they open and shut them every morning, every night.

I wanted the piece to be very tailored and well finished, also to have a defined geometric nature to it and its overall silhouette.

The WHITE SHOW, featuring 'us first year lot's' garments...

a link to the show...

Et ma belle belle model Eve wearing what I made...

Music: College and Electric Youth 
Film: Love Actually
Food: Goats Cheese and Caramelised onion bagel
Club: Cafe 1001
Collection: Givenchy Couture:  Riccardo Tisci

Monday, 12 December 2011

Isa...adoring eds glorious Lands End shoot!

Donning our 'Tommy Hilfiger' campaign faces for this brilliant Lands End shoot.
...shot by the ever such talented Ed Schofield.

....wonderful non!

La plus belle que j'ai jamais vue, mon amie...Georgia Mills...

Music: Lianne La Havas
Film: Grey Gardens
Food: Fish Pie
Collection: Josefina Larsson

Isa...All for the body stamped Pirelli

IsabeliLaraKateMillaNatasha..the beautiful, by Sorrenti for the Pirelli Calendar 2012.

feuuuff wowzaaaaroo!

..and some vintage Pirelli...

Music: Grillade
Film: Snowtown
Food: Mince Pies
Club: The Box
Collection: Mary Katrantzou

Sunday, 16 January 2011

les fleurs sont belles

another project final piece, this time modeled by the gorgeous Lucia.

music: kanye
film: LOVE
food: pesto pasta
fav club atm: punk
fav collection atm: Jil Sander

knock knock...whos there...philip...philip who...philip my bag up with candy!