Monday, 27 February 2012


 ( collage by moi ) 

'He dreamed of making movies. I dreamed of crossing America with him. To get him to follow me, I suggested that during the trip we make a film about our life together. He agreed, and on January 3rd, 1992, we left New York in his silver Cadillac and headed for California. One day nine months later- we hadn't yet written the words "THE END" on our movie - i reached with my hand under the car-seat to slide it forward, and came across a black plastic bag. I opened it. It contained letters, 24 to be exact, in Greg's handwriting, all addressed to a certain H, and sent- as the postmarks showed- during the course of 1992. I didn't know why but they were back in his possession, and he had chosen to hide them there. I read them all. and stole two. One because in it he says: "I'll be free in October." The other, for this phrase: "... with Sophie I have this 'baby' that wouldn't have existed if I hadn't so much passion for you...". I had given Greg the chance to fulfil his deepest desire, and here he was thanking another woman. A few days later he handed me a letter: " Sophie, I always knew you would come into my life. I want you also to know that I love you, and that you became the most precious thing to me."

...Doubting this, I decided to prove his letter right: he would be free in October.'

Friday, 24 February 2012

Isa...Denim Devoted

CSM 'Dirt Road Denim' Project...

I created three characters, three moods, three stories, and designed for the aesthetic/ lifestyle that they represent.

Youth Bloom, Street Soul Riot, Dustbowl Cow Girl.

I've scanned below my favourite illustration drawings, chosen out of a ten piece capsule collection. guessed it...all denim...ooh i do say!

Food: Surprisingly asparagus in a orange and olive oil dressing (thank Gordon Ram.)
Film: The Lives of Others, Toms recommendation, German, bloody brilliant.
Collection: CSM MA at LFW. Really really. Really!
Book: The Gun Seller, Hugh Laurie.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


So, I carry,
I carry the flowers,
the flowers that are dead in my hands,
they will rise up,
at the very sight of you,
they will naturally understand...